Tackling IBM i Enterprise Key Management

The hardest part of security is encryption, and the hardest part of encryption is key management.

patrick townsendWritten by Patrick Townsend

For a variety of reasons, IBM i customers struggle when implementing the encryption of sensitive information. There is wide acceptance and knowledge that sensitive information should be encrypted, but there is also a large amount of fear about its implementation, especially around encryption key management. Concerns about performance, business continuity, and systems management are common in IBM i shops. In fairness, these are also concerns for users of other server platforms and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, and IBM System z mainframe.

Environmental Hazards to Peak Performance

Find out why network monitoring is so important for IBM i managers.

Written by CCSS

Editor's note: This article introduces the white paper "Environmental Hazards to Peak Performance" available free from the MC White Paper Center.


A professional athlete must consider several factors in order to deliver his best performance. The food he eats, the way he physically trains and mentally prepares, as well as his strategy and technique all play a part in deriving the best result. Imagine that athlete was completely prepared when he started the race of his life, having attended to all these things, only to have his performance ruined when he was struck by lightning. Unfortunate, some would say, but that's life.

TechTip: Protecting Against Accidental Updates with Masked Values

DB2 for I 7.2 delivers a feature that can increase the integrity of your database.

kent milligan 117x117Written by Kent Milligan

With the intense focus on data privacy, many applications are being modified to protect the personal data that they are processing. Masking is a data protection technique that's commonly being deployed so that the vast majority of application users are allowed to see only a masked version (############1234) of sensitive data values, such as credit card numbers. Access to the original card number value is limited to a select set of privileged users.

TechTip: I Wrote My PJL Script, So Now What Do I Do?

Sometimes you need to do complex things with your prints, and PJL is one way to get it done. But how do you incorporate a PJL script into an i job stream?

david shireyWritten by David Shirey

As explained in my previous TechTip, Printer Job Language (PJL) allows you to control how the printer reacts to jobs you submit. Now the truth is that many printers will automatically figure out what the heck is going on, but not all will. As you try to use many different types of printers to carry out your assignments, you may find yourself in need of the ability to tell the stupid printer what to do. A good example might be if you wanted to add a copier to print output from the IBM i.

Import CSV Files with File Correcting

Build your own user-friendly CSV file-upload programs.

rafael victoria preiraWritten by Rafael Victoria-Pereira

Editor's note: This article is an excerpt from the new MC Press book Flexible Input, Dazzling Output with IBM i.


This chapter presents a user-friendly CSV file upload program. While the program itself is simple, it uses some interesting procedures to recover records with the most common user errors in the CSV file. In



inFORM Decisions Celebrates 20 Years of Providing IBM i Document Management Solutions

This month inFORM Decisions celebrates their 20th year in business, as a consistently focused IBM i native Document Management solution provider.

HelpSystems Catches a Chill to Support ALS

Employees raise awareness and nominate IBM Rochester to step up to the challenge.

Select IBM Digital Experience Portfolio V8.5 IFR1 Offerings Enhanced

Offerings now include IBM Connections V5.0, IBM Connections Content Manager V5.0, IBM Forms Experience Builder V8.5.1, IBM Forms Server V8.1, and Business Process Manager Express V8.5

Centralized Key Management for System x Servers with Self-Encrypting Hard Drives

IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager for System x SEDs - FoD (SKLM - FoD) provides a seamless enterprise-grade encryption key management solution for local and distributed System x environments to enhance the security of data at rest.

IBM ServeRAID M-Series Products Offer Enterprise-Class RAID Solutions

Enterprise-class RAID solutions enhance the server storage subsystem, enabling the use of both SAS and SATA media.

Susan Gantner Shares New "Favorite RSE Keyboard Shortcuts" Tip Sheet

Free download now contains Debugger shortcuts and tips.

HelpSystems Improves Web Interface of Its InterMapper Network Monitoring Software

The newest version of InterMapper includes 64-bit support and a responsive web interface.



Configuring IBM i iSeries Access Server to Use SSL

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