A Halloween TechTip

RPG and Web programmers. Like apples and ear muffs. Different and separate. One of these things is not like the other; one of these things is a little bit strange. Does it have to be that way?

david shireyWritten by David Shirey

They were exhausted and out of breath when they reached the top of the ridge. Her blouse was torn, but he hardly noticed, glancing over his shoulder at the line of torches following them from the valley below.

Partner TechTip: How Do I Know When I Need a Data Warehouse?

Combining information from different sources often creates challenges that can't be solved within the reporting tool. A data warehouse can get you back on track.

alan jordanWritten by Alan Jordan

Obtaining a query and reporting tool is a common way organizations get started with business intelligence (BI). Creating reports, dashboards, and portals directly from the data seems like a natural progression.


This approach works well in many implementations and meets the organization's needs for years. But some operational data can be pretty hard to work with. Some databases simply were not designed for reporting use and many lack the documentation that could make them easier to use. Cryptic column names, complex relationships, inconsistencies, legacy dates, huge data volumes, and many other issues may need to be overcome to achieve the results you need from your BI investment.

The Frustrating Challenges of Application Enhancement

A famous editor once said, "You know how when you tighten a bolt on your engine the front bumper falls off?" That started me thinking of writing about how difficult it can be to modify an existing application. Oh, all right. It was her idea from the beginning. So what.

david shireyWritten by David Shirey

In the beginning, an application was written from scratch. And it was beautiful to behold. It did what it was supposed to do, and the logic flow was as clean and as clear as you could reasonably expect it to be. And it lived happily with a dozen unicorns, a handsome prince who liked watching romantic comedy movies, and a beautiful princess with long hair and a diaphanous gown.


But then, somebody decided that some changes needed to be made to it. So they modified the code to show the customer AR Tariff code. And suddenly, one of the unicorns disappeared and was replaced by a hippo.

DR Strategy Guide for IBM i: Recovery Strategy Requirements

Disaster Recovery (DR) strategies are many and varied.

Written by Maxava

Editor's note: This article introduces the white paper "DR Strategy Guide from Maxava" available free from the MC White Paper Center.

The components of your business impact analysis and mission-critical server rankings will be used as the basis for the development and implementation of a supporting recovery strategy.

Ensure the following information is absolutely clear:



ASNApalooza 2014 presents a hunk of burning RPG!

ASNApalooza 2014, the 15th ASNApalooza Developer Conference was held on October 20th and 21st. More than 65 attendees came from all over the US, Canada, and Spain.

Halcyon Software Announces New Monitoring Solution for Linux

Halcyon Software announced the immediate availability of Network Server Suite's new component – the Linux on Power agent that runs on IBM Power Systems.

Rational Publishing Engine V1.3 Automates and Standardizes Document Generation

IBM Rational Publishing Engine V1.3 automates document generation from Rational solutions and third-party applications.

New IBM FlashSystem V840 Features Deliver Expanded Connectivity Options

IBM FlashSystem V840 is a combined hardware and software storage system with flash capacity and a single point of control for storage resources.

IBM FlashSystem V840 Software V7.4

IBM FlashSystem V840 Software V7.4 improves performance of Real-time Compression.

Halcyon Software Announces New Security Product for Securing Exit Points

New tool enables organizations to achieve higher levels of compliance when conforming to global regulatory requirements. 



Security Admin Tasks - Examining the Audit Journal

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See What i Can Do With Modern RPG Development

Your applications deserve more than just a new look! Change the perception of the IBM i as “old” with modern development tips from IBM and Profound Logic Software.
Watch as Barbara Morris, Brian May and Alex Roytman dive beneath the GUI surface to show the benefits of:


  • Working with free-format RPG in IBM i TR7
  • Breaking free from “The Cycle” of traditional RPG development
  • Going beyond the 10 character limit in display and database files
  • And more!

You'll also see a live demonstration of these techniques as the presenters create a modern web application before your eyes! 


Watch the Webinar Now!



MS Office Connector for Query/400

NGS' Qport Office enables Windows users to run IBM Query/400 queries to: 

 - Create and update Excel spreadsheets and Access databases

 - Create Word documents

 - Send to Windows screen and PC printers

No query conversion is required. Works with i5/OS V5R1 & above. Installs in minutes!

If you don’t have a budget to replace IBM Query/400, but want your users to have one click enhanced output of their queries.… Request the online license agreement and product download instructions today!

Offer good through December 31, 2013.


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