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MC Press BOOKSTORE Affiliate Program

Start Making Money in Three Easy Steps!

Step 1: Register as an affiliate.

Step 2: Place one or more of our ads on your Web site.

Step 3: Make money on every order placed via those ads!

Read on to find out more about our affiliate program and how to get started!

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How It Works...

1. Register
Just click on the Register Now button above to request your affiliate code and to accept the Terms & Conditions of this program. We'll email you a custom, trackable link so you can start earning commissions just as soon as your ads are placed.


2. Set Up Our Ads on Your Web Site
Obtain the unique affiliate code in the email sent to your after you register..

Click here to go to the Affiliate Program ads page and choose the ad(s) that you wish to display on your site. To download the file, click the size ad that you want and follow the directions to save the file to the desired location on your system. All files are in .GIF format. Please make note of the “Ad Code” listed because you will need this to properly format your link.

Next, prepare your link. In this example, we’ll use the following sample link:

In the sample the RED portion represents your unique affiliate link code. The link you receive will already be pre-populated with this code. If your intent is link to the main home page of the store—rather than an individual product, for example—then the link above is perfect and will require no changes.

However, if you choose an ad for an individual product, you will need to replace the BLUE portion to link directly to that individual product page. To do this, just replace the BLUE portion of the link with the product code you noted earlier. For example, the product code for Bob Cozzi’s RPG TnT is 5120. The updated link that will take prospective buyers directly to that specific product page would look like this:

Finally, place the ad on your site using the ad file you downloaded earlier and the link you received (for the main home page) or updated (if aimed at a specific product). That’s it!

3. Start Earning Commission

Straightforward Commission Structure

When a customer clicks through to the MC Press Bookstore via your ad(s) you, your company, or organization will receive a 20% commission on purchases made during that visit. With our average order being $85 over the last 12 months, you could receive $17 per order.

Automatic Payments

Monthly, we'll send checks to all affiliates with a minimum $50 balance in their accounts. If you don't reach the minimum, your balance will continue to roll from month to month until you qualify for your check.  All accounts will be cleared to zero with a check payment made December 31 no matter the account balance.

Track Your Sales

In addition to your trackable link, you'll also receive a special link you can use to monitor your sales.