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Thursday, 30 June 1994 18:00

Are you tired of answering all those messages in order to get your AS/400 printer started? Are you a user experienced in loading a new form type and aligning it at the same time? Are you running V2R3 of OS/400? If so, this solution is for you.

If you don't want any "load form type" messages for a particular printer, you can specify *NOMSG in the Message option element of the FORMTYPE parameter of the Start Printer Writer (STRPRTWTR) command. You can also use the Change Writer (CHGWTR) command or change the command default value to affect all printers on the system. See the CL Reference manual for more information.

Another way to reduce the number of messages that require a reply is to specify *INFO for the printer error message in the printer device description. See the Create Device Description Printer (CRTDEVPRT) and Change Device Description Printer (CHGDEVPRT) commands in the CL Reference manual for information about setting the PRTERRMSG parameter.

If the printer error message is *INFO, the printer writer automatically rechecks the printer after issuing message CPA3387 ("device not available"). For example, if a writer is started to printer PRT01, but PRT01 is not ready, message CPA3387 is sent to the message queue. If PRT01 has *INFO specified for PRTERRMSG, the writer retries PRT01 after 30 seconds. If PRT01 is ready, the writer starts printing files. If PRT01 is still not ready, the writer keeps checking PRT01 every 30 seconds.

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