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April 11, 2011 | Volume 6 Issue 7


TOP STORY: Collaboration: A Fresh Look at All Things Lotus
FEATURED ARTICLE: Virtualization Can Reduce Both Energy and Capital Costs
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Marcus Dee, looksoftware Founding Partner, Dead at 50
WHITE PAPER: The Future—and Present—is Virtual
FORUM: Help! SQL2XLS Troubles
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Maxava, a global leader in IBM i high availability software, is offering you a FREE download of maxView Lite, a smart and easy way to monitor your IBM I systems – anywhere, anytime.

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Feature Article - Application Software
Collaboration: A Fresh Look at All Things Lotus

This article describes the current offerings from IBM Lotus and explains why IBM Power Systems running i5/OS is the platform on which you should be running them.

steve_pitcherWritten by Steven C. Pitcher

Lotus Domino Server—it's just an email server, so let's move on.... Just kidding!


Many shops use Domino just for the simple task of running their email. That's all well and good, but Domino offers a number of different servers for Web, database, applications, and LDAP. If you have a Domino server and you're only running email, then get informed!


Sponsor - Business Computer Design
Join us for a webinar April 21st:

New Presto 3 - The most flexible IBM i Web GUI for green screens.

See how Presto 3 overcomes limitations of other modernization approaches by giving your users seamless web access to ALL their screens (no source code needed), and by providing the most possibilities to further enhance the look and functionality of those screens.

You’ll also see how Presto 3 is significantly more advanced with these new features: charts, dynamic drop down lists, JavaScript events and more. Register now.


Feature Article - System Administration
Virtualization Can Reduce Both Energy and Capital Costs

Regardless of size, most organizations are reaping the rewards, and addressing the challenges, of server virtualization.

Written by Vision Solutions

Editor's Note: This article introduces the white paper "The Future—and Present—is Virtual" available for free from the MC White Paper Center.


Virtualization has received considerable coverage in the IT trade press over the past few years, but is virtual real for the majority of IT shops? The answer is clear: yes, it is. According to IDC, despite 2009 being a very tough year for the IT industry and the economy in general, the virtual machine software market grew by 1.4 percent to $1.8 billion that year. And a growing body of evidence shows that virtualization is being adopted by a large percentage of companies in all industries and in all but the smallest of organizations—and even in some of them as well.


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