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April 2, 2008 | Vol 7 Issue 7


In This Issue:

>> V6R1 SQL ILE RPG Precompiler Enhancements

>>Calculate Begin and End Dates for Any Month

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Feature Article - Programming
V6R1 SQL ILE RPG Precompiler Enhancements

Variable scoping support, the ability to take a source stream file as input, increased LOB limits, and so much more!

By Gina Whitney

If you have been using the SQL ILE RPG precompiler for many releases, you probably know that it does not fully support all the features that the compiler offers. In V5R3, enhancements were made to the precompiler to support commonly used compiler features. These enhancements were the beginning of a precompiler revolution. The gap between the precompiler and the compiler is narrowing, embedding SQL into programs is becoming more seamless, and attitudes about the precompiler are changing.


Feature Article - Programming
Calculate Begin and End Dates for Any Month

Need to calculate the dates of the first and last days of last month or any month? See how easy it is in RPG IV.

by Sam Lennon

It's fairly common that you need to calculate the dates of the first and last days of a month to print in report headings, show on screens, or select data. It is usually last month, but it could be next month or the last three months or whatever the customer requests. Date arithmetic in RPG IV makes it very easy to calculate past and future dates and date ranges. There are three simple rules, and it doesn't matter how you store dates.


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