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April 2, 2012 | Volume 7 Issue 5


TOP STORY: Power i Forecast: Top 10 Development Tools
FEATURED NEWS: Lenovo Launches New Mobile App Shop for Business
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: CNX Announces Release of Valence 3.1
ON-DEMAND WEBCAST: The Top Five RPG Open Access Myths....BUSTED!
EVENT: AIX File Transfers--Automation and Security Without Scripting
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Feature Article - Programming
Power i Forecast: Top 10 Development Tools

Today's tools are getting so sophisticated that business users with no programming experience can easily develop robust applications.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

The importance of tools to the IBM i community can't be underestimated, but they, like restaurants, come into and go out of favor depending on what clients need and what they are asking developers to do at the moment. Is it a Y2K challenge this month, or must you Web-enable a green-screen legacy program for which you don't have the source code? Most developers use a variety of tools for different tasks, mixing and matching depending on project requirements. At last count, there were some 80 tools available to developers to modernize or build new applications on IBM i.


Featured News
Lenovo Launches New Mobile App Shop for Business

Lenovo has announced its first enterprise app shop—the Lenovo Enterprise App Shop—to bring end-to-end mobile app services to large businesses, enabling custom management, deployment and publication as well as volume pricing. The Lenovo Enterprise App Shop makes it simple for corporate users to access and use productivity apps on their Lenovo tablet or other Android-based tablet (V3.1 and higher).


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