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April 23, 2012 | Volume 7 Issue 8


TOP STORY: Breaking the Top Four Myths of Tape vs. Disk Backup
FEATURED ARTICLE: Security Considerations for the Cloud
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Zend Application Fabric Now Available through Amazon Web Services Marketplace
WHITE PAPER: Security Considerations for the Cloud
EVENT:MVP Systems Software: Automating Tasks on Virtual Machines
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Feature Article - System Administration
Breaking the Top Four Myths of Tape vs. Disk Backup

Are you overlooking tape because you think it's outdated? Times have changed…and so has tape.

ed_ahlWritten by Ed Ahl

Disk as a backup target has become a key enhancement in many data centers. Disk is believed to be faster than tape, almost as cost-effective as tape, and more resilient than tape. In reality, tape has its own unique value in each of these areas. And when the fourth myth of tape—that it must be treated separately—is debunked and tape is integrated tightly with disk, the combination resolves many of the backup storage challenges facing data centers today.


Feature Article - Security
Security Considerations for the Cloud

Cloud hosting may be more cost-effective and efficient than non-cloud alternatives, but IT managers must evaluate whether it makes real business sense and ensure that it doesn't violate corporate security policies.

carol_woodburyWritten by Carol Woodbury

Editor's Note: This article is an introduction to the white paper "Security Considerations for the Cloud" available free to download from the MC White Paper Center.


Security concerns abound when it comes to cloud computing. If you do any research on the concerns associated with doing business in the cloud, a top concern—if not the top concern—is always data security and privacy.  Are these concerns justified, or is it simply the fear of the unknown? Let's take a look.


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