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April 25, 2011 | Volume 6 Issue 8


TOP STORY: Tokenization and Encryption: Technologies to Limit Your Risk
FEATURED ARTICLE: Critical Elements for Successful Business Continuity
ADVERTORIAL: Partner TechTip: Rethinking Legacy Systems
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Maxava Exec to Address DR Efforts after New Zealand, Japan Earthquakes During COMMON Annual Meeting
WHITE PAPER: Learn how to select an HA solution that will meet your business needs
FORUM: Synchronize Your Source Files
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Feature Article - Security
Tokenization and Encryption: Technologies to Limit Your Risk

Combining encryption and tokenization is often the best data protection strategy for IBM i-centric organizations that want to reduce risk substantially and lower compliance costs.

gary_palgonWritten by Gary Palgon

A few years ago, data security was largely a matter of providing firewall protection for the network and sending sensitive data from Point A to Point B through a secure connection. Today, with the plethora of data security industry mandates, data privacy laws, high-profile data breaches, and ever-savvy cybercriminals changing their attack strategies, organizations have much more at stake. Reducing the risk of a data breach is paramount for meeting compliance regulations, maintaining customer loyalty, and protecting the brand.


Feature Article - System Administration
Critical Elements for Successful Business Continuity

What are the requirements for a successful high availability and disaster recovery strategy?

041111MaxavaWritten by Maxava

Editor's Note: This article is an extract of the white paper "Critical Elements for Successful Business Continuity" available free from the MC White Paper Center. 


High availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) are part of a combined strategy for reducing or eliminating the impact of planned downtime and unplanned outages, and for ensuring application availability and business continuity.


Advertorial - Databorough
Partner TechTip: Rethinking Legacy Systems

Is it possible to manage a legacy system in a modern way?

steve_kilnerWritten by Steve Kilner

"Legacy applications are a goldmine of valuable business rules and design intelligence."


"Modern developers want nothing to do with RPG or the AS/400 other than get rid of them."


You've probably heard these seemingly conflicting statements.


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