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April 25, 2012 | Volume 1 Issue 2


TOP STORY: Starting Your Sojourn into Virtualization on the Linux OS
FEATURED ARTICLE: Use Git to Document and Manage Any Source Code with Version Control
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: IBM to Introduce Linux-only Servers and Workload Targeted Software Solutions
ON-DEMAND WEBCAST: Beyond FTP, Securing and Automating File Transfers
EVENT: MVP Systems Software: Automating Tasks on Virtual Machines
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Feature Article - Linux
Starting Your Sojourn into Virtualization on the Linux OS

It's important to know what your options are.

barry_klineWritten by Barry L. Kline

I have long been a fan of hardware virtualization, so when I purchased a new server to replace an aged one, I decided that it would be advantageous to make it a virtual host. The benefits of virtualization are now well-known to the IT community, and for my purposes, the biggest win is the ability to deploy new virtual servers quickly, while not having to make the two-hour trip to the co-location facility. What the heck? If hardware virtualization is good enough for cloud providers, then it should be good enough for me too!


Feature Article - Linux
Use Git to Document and Manage Any Source Code with Version Control

Provide versioning and rollback capabilities to your source code with the resolution of individual code modifications.

tom_snyderWritten by Tom Snyder

Programmers in any language have supported multiple versions of source code during development, the simplest case being that you can keep a copy of the current production code while you work on a new version that contains your current development changes. But what if you wanted to document each change and have the ability to selectively reset any changes while supporting multiple developers working on the same source code? Git can help with this.


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