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April 30, 2010 | Volume 7 Issue 17


TOP STORY: The CL Corner: Going Where No Substring (%SST) Operation Can Go
FEATURED ARTICLE: They Don't Make Hardships Like They Used To
ADVERTORIAL: Partner TechTip: How Long Does It Take to Reorganize a File with IBM i?
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Zend Server 5.0 Streamlines PHP Web Development and Management for IBM i and Power
FORUM: RPG Open Access for the Web?
ON-DEMAND WEBCAST: Dr. Frank Soltis: How to Achieve Maximum Optimization of System i
BLOG: System i Management Tips

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Feature Article - Programming
The CL Corner: Going Where No Substring (%SST) Operation Can Go

Use pointers to process variable-length character strings.

bruce_viningWritten by Bruce Vining

In the previous article, "Support Variable-Length Parameters with Commands," we saw how the command processing program (CPP) of the Trim Left Characters (TRMLFTCHR) command could support character parameters of almost any arbitrary length that can be declared on a given release. Essentially, the CPP used the substring built-in, %sst, to process each byte of the input parameter while ensuring that each byte accessed was within the declared size of the input variable. Using %sst, however, introduced limitations in the CPP.


Feature Article - Humor
They Don't Make Hardships Like They Used To

A modern-day Jonas Salk seeks a cure for movement.

mike_stuhlreyerWritten by Michael Stuhlreyer

Calling upon dwindling reserves of benevolence, I try to convince myself that Chris Harrison has the good of mankind at heart. I try to believe that he honestly believes he's advancing the human condition and that he believes his contribution will so improve life on Earth that he will earn a place alongside Salk, Edison, the Wright Brothers, and Crum (inventor of the honest-to-goodness randomly shaped, grease-fried potato chip, for those who slept through history class) in the pantheon of game-changers. He doesn't intend to nauseate me, I assure myself, but he does—like, well, a Pringle.


Advertorial - Help/Systems
Partner TechTip: How Long Does It Take to Reorganize a File with IBM i?

You simply don't know without Robot/SPACE.

tom_huntingtonWritten by Tom Huntington

When you reorganize a file in IBM i, the operating system locks users out of the file, which could mean no access to an entire application. So, why reorganize files? You do it because deleted records take up extra space if files are never reorganized.


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