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April 30, 2012 | Volume 1 Issue 2


TOP STORY: It's Time to Plan for Enterprise Mobility
FEATURED ARTICLE: Road Warriors Using Mobile Devices Can Now Sync Up to the IBM i
FEATURED ARTICLE: Modern Monitoring Methods for Power Systems
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: HTML5 Goes Mainstream and BYOD Picks up Steam: Five Disruptive Trends Changing Mobile
WHITE PAPER: Modern Monitoring Methods for Power Systems
EVENT: looksoftware: i Believe IBM i Community Event
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Feature Article - Mobile
It's Time to Plan for Enterprise Mobility

Mobile enterprise solutions are on the list of priorities for many CIOs.

eden_wattWritten by Eden Watt

Whether the primary focus is to extend your in-house applications to your roaming workforce (B2E) or to interface with customers and prospects (B2C) via mobile devices, or possibly both, the options and considerations are ever-growing.



Feature Article - Mobile
Road Warriors Using Mobile Devices Can Now Sync Up to the IBM i

LANSA's LongReach app is new, secure, and—best of all—free!

maryrose_robertsWritten by Mary Rose Roberts

A free native app from LANSA now lets road warriors manage and securely upload and synchronize mobile data from iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices to the IBM i. Dubbed LongReach, the application is installed on smart phones and tablets to support the management and transfer of business data between the devices and i servers.


Feature Article - System Administration
Modern Monitoring Methods for Power Systems

martin_normanGet control of the alerts you receive, rather than allowing the alerts to get control of you.

Written by Martin Norman

Editor's Note: This article is an introduction to the white paper "Modern Monitoring Methods for Power Systems" available free to download from the MC White Paper Center.


When you leave work at night, does work leave you?


You know the drill: everything is smooth and stable as you leave the office, and you have plans for the evening. Whether it is little Johnnie's birthday, a night out with friends, or your personal TV favorite, such as The X Factor, you expect to relax, but there is always something gnawing in the back of your mind.


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