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April 6, 2011 | Volume 10 Issue 7


TOP STORY: Practical SQL: Calling RPG from SQL, Part I
ADVERTORIAL: Partner TechTip: Building an RPG Programmer
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Liaison Technologies Acquires nuBridges
FORUM: Help! Using CHGAUT with Authorization List
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Programming - SQL
Practical SQL: Calling RPG from SQL, Part I

This first article on combining the strengths of RPG and SQL focuses on defining and testing stored procedures.

joe_plutaWritten by Joe Pluta

SQL and RPG are powerful and complementary tools. SQL does things well that are difficult or nearly impossible in RPG and vice versa. The trick is to develop programming strategies that take advantage of both. IBM recognized this and created the potent embedded RPG tooling, which allows you to easily take advantage of SQL from within RPG programs. This article is going to focus on the related technique of calling RPG from within SQL.


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Programming - RPG
My Way of Looping

There's one task to accomplish and so many ways to do it.

jan_jorgensenWritten by Jan Jorgensen

This article is about a common thing, something we do every day, something most of us never really think about. Maybe we were provided with some code long ago, and since then, that's just the way we do it.


I am talking about looping through a file in RPG, a subject I hope really can stir up your coffee cup sitting next to your keyboard. I am not saying my way of looping is the correct or best or most bright one, but I will show you the method I have developed and used for many years; it never let me down or came in "late," and it always did the job.


Advertorial - Manta Technologies
Partner TechTip: Building an RPG Programmer

You've been asked to help train a new programmer with neither IBM i nor RPG experience. Where is she going to learn the necessary skills?

bill_hansenWritten by Dr. William A. Hansen

Believe it or not, companies are hiring again. Some are even hiring RPG programmers! Unfortunately, many of these new employees don't have the skills you expect from an RPG programmer. Some are recent college graduates proficient in C, Java, PHP, JavaScript, and other languages that may be useful to your company. Others are mainframe COBOL programmers. In too many cases, they have neither RPG nor basic IBM i skills.


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