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April 7, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 6


In This Issue:

>> IBM Combines System i and System p onto a Single Hardware Platform
IBM's Power Systems Announcement: An Analysis

Feature Article - Analysis
IBM Combines System i and System p onto a Single Hardware Platform

The company announces three new POWER6 servers along with special financing.

chris_smith.jpgBy Chris Smith

IBM introduced a new generation of POWER6 servers last week at COMMON and consolidated the System i and System p brands onto one hardware platform.


The new servers, to be packaged under the umbrella title of IBM Power Systems, will run one or all of the company's three major SMB operating systems: i5/OS, AIX, and Linux.  The company's flagship integrated platform i5/OS, whose name was more closely affiliated with the POWER5 chip, has been renamed simply IBM i. The company also said that V6R1 would be renamed to 6.1 in accordance with the industry's conventional naming protocols.


Feature Article - Analysis
IBM's Power Systems Announcement: An Analysis

By bringing two product lines together, IBM created exciting possibilities and a few short-term headaches for its customers.

lee_kroon.jpgBy Lee Kroon

When IBM unified the System i and System p last week, it did much more than change the nameplates on the cabinets of its POWER processor-based servers. It launched massive changes to how it prices, packages, and goes to market with those servers. While some of those changes will become obvious to everyone in short order, others will become apparent only over time. With that in mind, here are seven thoughts about how IBM's announcement will transform life as we know it within the System i community.


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