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April 7, 2010 | Volume 9 Issue 7


TOP STORY: Practical RPG: Prototyping for Productivity Through the Use of Subprocedures
FEATURED ARTICLE: Journal Entries Exposed! JOESD Made Readable!
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: MC Systems Insight Is Nominated for Maggie Award
FORUM: SETLL Not %found vs. Not %equal
MC STORE: Top 10 Best-Selling Titles for February 2010
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Feature Article - Programming
Practical RPG: Prototyping for Productivity Through the Use of Subprocedures

This article expands the exploration of prototypes into the realm of subprocedures and explains how they can be used to replace subroutines.

joe_plutaWritten by Joe Pluta

In a previous article, I showed you how to use a prototype to replace the PLIST in your programs. In this second installment of "Prototyping for Productivity," I'll show you how and why you would replace a subroutine with a subprocedure. The third and final article in the series will work with some of the keywords.


Feature Article - Programming
Journal Entries Exposed! JOESD Made Readable!

Do a DSPJRN to an outfile, and field JOESD is inscrutable. Learn how to make it readable.

sam_lennonWritten by Sam Lennon

You know that journal entries contain useful "who did what to whom and when" information and that they can also help you understand data flow and changes in a suite of unfamiliar programs. You've probably used the DSPJRN command, and on the screen you can easily see the date and time the transaction occurred. You can also see the job name, user, and number. You can even see the program that made the transaction. But you can't (easily) see what changed! Usually, you see something like Figure 1, with a mishmash of special characters in the "Entry specific data" field.


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