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April 9, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 7


In This Issue:

>> V6R1 SQL Query Engine Delivers on Its Promise

>> The Linux Letter: Embedded Linux

Feature Article - Database
V6R1 SQL Query Engine Delivers on Its Promise

Learn how to prepare for the new DB2 for i5/OS query engine.

By Jarek Miszczyk

With V6R1 DB2 for i5/OS, the transition of SQL workloads from Classic Query Engine (CQE) to the new SQL Query Engine (SQE) has been basically completed. So far, the SQE functionality has been delivered in six waves:


Feature Article - Operating Systems
The Linux Letter: Embedded Linux
Cheap computing power is as close as your nearest office supply store.

barry_kline.jpgBy Barry L. Kline

Call me a geek, but I always get excited when I acquire a new, more powerful server. To me, there's nothing quite as beautiful as a well-engineered piece of hardware, and IBM's xSeries boxes never fail to bring a smile to my face. As much as I have always loved the bigger machines, I have come to realize that for some of my projects, even a minimal desktop computer is an unnecessary waste of physical space and electricity. Thus, I found myself in a quest to find minimalist computing nirvana. What a short trip! I found all that I needed was in the diminutive and hackable embedded hardware disguised as wireless routers available at your neighborhood office supply store.


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