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August 11, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 14


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Sponsor - T.L. Ashford & Associates
iTM 08-11-2008 Text 1
T.L. Ashford is “The Labeling Answer”® for the System i.
Ashford's Barcode400 has been the dependable choice for the industry since 1983. With Barcode400's newly enhanced Graphic Designer no “green screen” interaction is needed for label design. New features include: AFP/HP-compatible printing, easy-to-use graphics import tool, test print to desktop printer, simple font download tool, updated drivers and format listing reports. Even compliance labeling is made easy with design templates. Call 800-541-4893 to order a FREE DEMO CD or visit us at  T.L. Ashford & Associates.


Feature Article - Programming
The System Integration Challenge: Eliminating Project Breakdowns

With proper planning, you can ensure a smooth system integration project.

marty_acks.jpgBy Marty Acks

So, your next big project is to integrate one of your existing systems with another system of which you may or may not have in-depth knowledge. In today's fast-paced development world, new projects involve more than simply writing the next killer app. System integration projects run the gamut from exposing applications or data to the Web (often referred to as application modernization), to integrating new software packages with existing systems, or to blending applications because of a recent merger.


Feature Article - Application Software
Going Green Is Good!

This is one company's story about transitioning to an environmentally aware company.

dan_forster.jpgBy Dan Forster

Ours was a typical office as offices go. Free coffee or tea in Styrofoam cups, copier with sorter, printers everywhere, bottled water in the staff kitchen fridge, which was also replete with Styrofoam containers of forgotten leftover meals. And a staff completely oblivious to the impact they make on our environment.


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iTM 08-11-2008


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