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August 13, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 15


In This Issue:

Feature Article - Database
Making Better Use of DB2 Web Query with *LIBL

Search the library list when accessing and querying a referenced database object such as a physical file or SQL view.

gene_cobb.jpgBy Gene Cobb

In a previous article titled "Maximize SQL Query Engine (SQE) Usage of Your DB2 Web Query Reports," I explained how you could utilize various techniques available on the System i to influence database optimization behavior for DB2 Web Query requests. That article relied upon the use of the QIBM_QSQ_CLI_CONNECT exit program to take a specific (program-defined) action. In this article, I'll show you another way to take advantage of this exit point when using DB2 Web Query.


Feature Article - Database
Exploit IBM DB2 for i Database Development with JDBC 4.0

Learn how to exploit enhanced BLOB/CLOB support, SQL XML data type, and better connection management.

By Jarek Miszczyk

If you were, like me, watching closely the evolution of the JDBC specification, you probably noticed how it morphed from a rudimentary data access object model to a mature, function-rich programming interface. Typically, the Rochester development lab does a pretty good job in providing robust, JDBC-compliant drivers that you can use to access DB2 for i from Java applications. This tradition is continued with the latest version of DB2 for i drivers, which implement a host of JDBC 4.0 enhancements.


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