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August 13, 2012 | Volume 7 Issue 14


TOP STORY: Why Automate Accounts Payable Processes?
FEATURED ARTICLE: 6 Recommendations for Smarter Spooled File Processing on Your IBM i
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Robot/CONSOLE 5 Adds Full Information for JOB Resource Messages, WebSphere Monitoring, New Statuses
WHITE PAPER: 6 Recommendations for Smarter Spooled File Processing on Your IBM i
EVENT: From Surfboards to Dashboards: Extreme data warehouse virtualization on IBM i
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Feature Article - Application Software
Why Automate Accounts Payable Processes?

Come for the ROI, but stay for the efficiency, security, and compliance benefits.

dan forsterWritten by Dan Forster

Since the birth of the Industrial Revolution in the mid-1700s, automation efforts have proven to be one of the key catalysts of successful business growth and innovation. One of the most celebrated models of automation and business success was Henry Ford's car company. His implementation of the assembly line is seen as the automation success model of his century. Of course, the advent and proliferation of advanced IT systems have automated nearly every aspect of a business. Surprisingly, however, despite the tangible and rapid ROI of automated accounts payable (AP) processes, a majority of companies have not taken advantage of the technology.


Feature Article - System Administration
6 Recommendations for Smarter Spooled File Processing on Your IBM i

Learn how to improve the flow of essential information around your organization, save costs, and free up your time.

Written by Halcyon Software

Editor's note: This article introduces the white paper "6 Recommendations for Smarter Spooled File Processing on Your IBM i" free for download from the MC Press White Paper Center.


This new white paper by Ash Giddings, IBM i industry expert, discusses how not to fall into the trap of ignoring or sometimes deleting large volumes of spooled files. These unassuming files can contain important nuggets of information and data that may be critical to business operations.


Sponsor - The MC Press Bookstore

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