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August 22, 2011 | Volume 6 Issue 16


TOP STORY: The Online Social Network Revolution and Why You Should Care
FEATURED ARTICLE: Make Paperwork Smarter
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: CNX Releases Valence 3.0 for RPG-centric Web Development on IBM i
WHITE PAPER: Document Management - Make “Paperwork” Smarter
FORUM: Job Opportunity in Jacksonville, Florida
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Feature Article - Internet
The Online Social Network Revolution and Why You Should Care

If you think it's a fad, don't bet your job or your company on it.

bill_riceWritten by Bill Rice

 If you watched the movie The Social Network, there was a story that was even bigger than the one about Mark Zuckerberg's entrepreneurial success, his jilted partner, his legal problems, and his self-absorbed personality. It was about how the Internet and basic social needs collided head-on and went mainstream. Since the advent of Facebook in 2005, the way humans compete for inclusion and validation in their social circles has been transformed forever.


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Feature Article - Application Software
Make Paperwork Smarter

Learn the cost benefits of going paperless, and boost profitability through document automation.

Written by inFORM Decisions

Editor's Note: This article introduces the white paper "Make Paperwork Smarter" available for free download from the MC White Paper Center.


Paper is expensive, but that is typically not primarily due to material costs alone. The human resource costs of printing forms—including distributing, storing, accessing, and managing paper documents—may place an even greater strain on your company's profitability.


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