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August 24, 2012 | Volume 9 Issue 34


TOP STORY: TechTip: Using C Functions, Part I
ADVERTORIAL: Partner TechTip: Is Your Query Tool Right for You?
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Gantner Releases Free RSE Quick Start Guide
FORUM: Support for DDM Files to Be Dropped After V7R1?
BUYER'S GUIDE: Maxava HA Enterprise +
EVENT: Help/Systems Solutions Summit 2012
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Feature Article - Tech Tip
TechTip: Using C Functions, Part I

Using the C run-time library functions and setting up the prototypes for C functions is an easy way to use features available in the C language.

jim martinWritten by Jim Martin

Note: This article is an excerpt from the book Functions in Free-Format RPG IV, published by MC Press.


Most RPG programmers don't know the C programming language and avoid technical articles or discussions that have anything to do with it. Until 1993, so did I. That year, I took some college classes in which C was the only language that could be used for assignments. I found that C was very different from RPG, but writing my own functions was very appealing. When I returned to an RPG environment in 1994, I assumed that I would not see any C programming again. In late 1994, however, IBM introduced RPG IV and ILE. At that point, integrating C functions with RPG IV programs became a possibility.


Advertorial - SEQUEL Software
Partner TechTip: Is Your Query Tool Right for You?

Users need a flexible query tool that is powerful and easy to use.

heath kathWritten by Heath Kath

Is your query tool up to date and function-rich? Are you able to build queries that end users, managers, and departments can use? Can it collect data from or send data to other systems or platforms? Does it provide run-time prompting? Does it handle data-mapping errors, especially around numeric date fields? Does it take advantage of SQL Query Engine (SQE) to improve run-time performance? Does it provide multiple interfaces—green-screen, Web browser, and GUI? Can it send query results directly to a PC document (.xlsx, PDF, text, HTML, etc.)?


MC SCBG Featured Product

Maxava HA Enterprise+ offers comprehensive High Availability and Disaster Recovery readiness for an IBM i application. Designed for complex environments and organizations serious about their business continuity. Real-time data replication and unlimited concurrent apply processes means no backlog of changes in a disaster and the ability to do a recovery in minutes. Advanced features including maxView Manager, provide enhanced control and visibility over your environment – wherever you are.


  • Remote role swap capability – The new maxView Manager tool enables remote monitoring, management and the ability to perform a role swap on command from a mobile device by utilizing our powerful and proprietary Command Scripting functionality remotely. So in the event of a failure, activating a switch to the back-up server is within your control.
  • Replication across QDLS, data, objects, IFS, and MQ Series.
  • Command Scripting Function – This flexible, smart and simple free format command scripting tool supports all native IBM i commands. Object list sets can be defined and run from a single command - no compiling required. So whether for a migration, one-off event, application specific, role swap or other activities, the scripting function provides simple management with logging and error handling capabilities.
  • Easy administration of the HA solution from a green screen, superior GUI or from a remote web ready device such as a PC or smartphone.
  • Flexibility and functionality - Maxava HA Enterprise+ is fully spec’d with an extensive range of functionality that includes enhanced auditing, autonomics, spool file replication, extensive configuration and management tools – yet still runs extremely quickly and efficiently.

Learn more about Maxava and its high availability and disaster recovery software solutions for IBM i systems here.



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