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August 25, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 15


In This Issue:

Sponsor - Help/Systems
iTM 08-25-2008 Text 1
 SEQUEL™, the leading business intelligence solution for the IBM® System i™, delivers System i data quickly and efficiently. From simple ad hoc queries to complex graphical query and reporting; from executive dashboards with gauges for critical business metrics to multi-platform database access; from drill-down data analysis to powerful scripting with CL-like programming; SEQUEL meets all your System i data access and analysis requirements. Request more information or a FREE 30-day trial.

Feature Article - Application Software
Best Practices for Selecting Application Development Tools

Best Practice = Best Skills + Best Processes + Best Solutions + Best Resources + Continuous Improvement

joan_mckittrick.jpgBy Joan McKittrick

You have just been hired at an IBM i shop. You are the new kid on the block, and they have assigned you the project of searching for a particular tool that fits in the application development realm. I am not going to be specific here; the application could be change management, help desk, security, cross reference, or any other of at least 20 different categories. The big question is where to start.


Feature Article - Application Software
Boost Efficiency in the Real World with Electronic Forms and Documents

The key to efficient management is the coordinated capture, storage, use, distribution, and retention of documents.

mark_firmin.jpgBy Mark Firmin

What do a Las Vegas resort, an international consumer products manufacturer, a rust-belt industrial conglomerate, a public utility, and a distribution company have in common? Fundamentally, they share an abiding need for documents with which to do business and a system of records to keep track of them.


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iTM 08-25-2008


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