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August 27, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 16


In This Issue:

Feature Article - Security
Is Security a Burden or a Business Asset?
Implementing a security plan can be a hassle, but nothing like the hassle you could have if you don't.

paul_howard.jpgBy Paul Howard
For many organizations, the need to add to or introduce security in order to meet regulatory compliance is seen as a serious burden being imposed upon them with no defined advantages. This article examines security from all angles and exposes how it can be perceived as an asset and/or a burden to an organization.  


Feature Article - Programming
Is There a Rich Client in Your Future?

The browser is the successor to the 5250, but the rich client is its replacement.

joe_pluta.jpgBy Joe Pluta

The 5250 turned the midrange computer into the indispensable component of the computer world. You can reasonably argue that interactive screens transformed data processing into information technology as we know it today. Prior to that, computers were about entering data and printing reports--data processing. It wasn't until green-screens made information available instantly to users that the idea of IT came into its own. It was a revolutionary event in the history of computers. We're poised at a similar point: while Web access through thin clients using technologies like JavaServer Faces is a (much-needed) evolutionary step, a true UI revolution is simmering under the surface and is ready to leap into the IT world. The technology has various names, from Web 2.0 to rich client, but the point is not what you call it but what you can do with it and how easily you can transform your existing business logic into new applications.


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