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August 7, 2009 | Vol 6 Issue 30


In This Issue:

Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Wubi, the Ubuntu Linux Installer for Windows

If you've been wanting to try Ubuntu without harming your existing systems, give Wubi a try.

max_hetrickWritten by Max Hetrick

Ubuntu Linux is the largest-growing Linux flavor to hit the desktop market in years. The ease of installation and minimal time needed to configure and install packages for desktops and laptops make it a perfect fit for Windows systems. Why not try it out by installing it through your Windows OS?


Feature Article - Application Software
Put Your IBM i to Work in the Front Office as Well as the Back

With Infor's New CRM i Edition, users can have an integrated view of both customer and financial data, all from a Web browser.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

While it seems that doubt about the IBM i platform permeates every conversation regarding the future of the IBM midrange platform, there is one company that continues to believe in the platform from both a technical as well as a business standpoint, and I'm not referring to IBM.


Advertorial - Bytware
Partner TechTip: Why Scanning System i for Viruses Using a Windows PC Is a Bad Idea

The need to scan is clear. Are you doing so effectively and efficiently?

christopher_jonesWritten by Christopher Jones

For some years, the topic of viruses on System i has been hotly debated. Is it susceptible to viruses? Can it serve as the host for malicious code? Is it really necessary to scan the System i? The answer to all of these questions is yes. But that's not the end of the story. Even as many users have come to accept the fact that it is a good security practice to scan the System i, debate over the choice of tools persists.


MC Showcase Buyer's Guide

Featured Products

WebSmart Presto
They won’t believe these are your System i Applications.
Instantly Web Enable your System i 5250 RPG & Cobol apps and Menus with No code changes.
Presto runs straight out of the box. In less than a day all of your 5250 screens will dynamically be presented as web pages with zero 5250 OLTP(batch use).
Keep your system i relevant in the eyes of your users, customers and upper management. The fastest way to do this is to use Presto. Your users get browser based access to existing RPG or Cobol applications and menus in a modern look that is easier for users to navigate.

Learn more about Business Computer Design Int'l, Inc. and its products here.


T.L. Ashford's award winning BARCODE400 software is the labeling answer for the iSeries. With this versatile and easy to use software you will be designing and printing labels in minutes. Compliance labeling is a snap using templates provide by TL Ashford.

Learn more about T.L. Ashford & Associates and its Barcode and RFID solutions here.


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