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August 9, 2010 | Volume 5 Issue 15


TOP STORY: Going Back in Time: A New Approach to AIX HA and DR
FEATURED ARTICLE: Security Considerations for the Cloud
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Analyst Group Outlines Five Cloud Computing Strategies
WHITE PAPER: Cloud Computing
FORUM: Zero Tolerance for Disrespect from Microsoft
BLOG: Carol Woodbury on Worst Practices

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Feature Article - System Administration
Going Back in Time: A New Approach to AIX HA and DR

A comprehensive HA/DR environment includes the ability to "go back in time" using snapshots and continuous data protection.

rich_krauseWritten by Rich Krause

The term "high availability" can be confusing in the IBM Power Systems realm because the definition of the term is different in the IBM i and AIX worlds. In IBM i shops, HA is achieved by setting up a backup system and using an HA product to replicate applications, along with business and system data, from the production server to the backup in real-time or near real-time. The result is a hot-standby backup server that is fully ready to take over operations at any time.


Feature Article - Security
Security Considerations for the Cloud

Are these concerns justified, or is it simply the fear of the unknown?

carol_woodburyWritten by Carol Woodbury

Editor's note: This is an excerpt from the white paper "Cloud Computing," which is available as a free download at the MC White Paper Center.


Security concerns abound when it comes to cloud computing. In an online poll recently conducted by Unisys Corporation, 51% of 312 attendees said that security and data privacy concerns remain the most significant impediment to the adoption of cloud computing. Another poll conducted by Unisys in a June 2009 webinar showed by 72% of the respondents cited security as their greatest concern for moving workload to the cloud. Are these concerns justified or is it simply the fear of the unknown? Let's take a look.


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MC Industry blogs

Welcome to Carol Woodbury's blog


Worst Practices 

Over the years I've published a lot on security best practices. In fact, our SkyView Risk Assessor product is based on all of those recommendations. But today I feel a bit contrarian so I've decided to post a few "worst practices." And like my "best practices" these are based on my years of experience in the security world.

Worst practice #1 - when asked how all users ended up with *ALLOBJ special authority, the answer was, "I didn't want to take calls in the middle of the night - so I just gave everyone *ALLOBJ."

Worst practice #2 - No auditing. No joblogs. History log cleared. The reason - lack of storage. Also meant that there was a significant lack of evidence when we were called in to investigate a breach that had occurred on their network!

These are just two of the many "worst practices" I've experienced. What are some of your "worst practices?"