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EZeDocs/400 Suite

EZeDocs/400 is an award-winning System i native total document output management software solution that enables enterprises to convert preprinted business forms into professionally designed electronic templates (e.g. invoices, statements, PO’s, etc.). Automatically merge your financial/ERP data with these form templates on-demand, and conditionally distribute the completed documents locally or remotely to any location in the world. ACOM’s easy-to-use solution contains a suite of modules that are all scalable, so you can choose the options that meet your document output and delivery requirements. You can laser print your documents, email or fax them, convert them to PDF for web posting, or electronically store them. ACOM has award-winning Technical Support Analysts and Professional Services Consultants with exceptional quality of service to help you implement your solutions, and ACOM’s Turn-Key Solution program ensures that you are up and running before your “go-live” date. It’s a Total Solution You Won’t Outgrow! EZeDocs/400 eForms Module: This module allows you to create templates of pre-printed forms (e.g. invoices; statements; PO’s; BOL; etc.) with the ability to change them on the fly. Once the template is created, the documents can be set up to automatically merge with a spool file and/or data file to create a professionally designed document that can be laser printed or conditionally routed to one of our many modules like fax email PDF or our content manager. Documents can be set up to print as a “set” of documents; or a package and also distributed per a set of conditions for each spool file. Secure access to documents and features within the modules by User ID’s and/or group profiles. EZDesigner/400 Module: This is ACOM’s 32-bit, drag-and-drop Graphical User Interface. Use this design tool to create your document templates, map spool file fields or data file fields to the template, and upload the document to the iSeries for storage and processing. The bi-directional File Transfer Utility allows for on-demand editing and easy upload/download. No ODBC set up is required; just a standard system name or IP address is needed. Use this tool to make quick changes to documents if a new logo or signature is required, to change text that prints on the document, to map new spool data when your spool file changes, or to create a new document from scratch. EZeDocs/400 eLabels Module: This module allows you to create label templates from your data files that look professional and can be changed as needed to conform to industry standards. Print them out on your laser printer or on your thermal printer. Many of the standard barcodes are included, such as Code 39, Post Net, 128 A/B/C, EAN, etc. EZFax/400: This module allows you to fax documents created with the eForms module as well as standard SCS spool files. Fax numbers can be hard coded into the spool file for easy retrieval during processing or can be retrieved from an external data file dynamically throughout the spool file. Cover sheets can be created on demand from data within the spool file or you can use a standard template for all faxes that are sent. The fax module can also be used to send remittance detail (i.e. direct deposit vouchers). EZeMail/400: This module allows you to email documents created with the eForms module as well as standard SCS spool files. Email addresses can be hard coded into the spool file for easy retrieval during processing or can be retrieved from an external data file dynamically throughout the spool file. Distribution lists can be set up to send emails dynamically when processing. The eMail module can also be used to send remittance details (i.e. direct deposit vouchers). Easily add up to 50 To, CC, and BCC email addresses, as well as send color, text-searchable PDF attachments. EZPDF/400: This module allows you to create color, text-searchable PDF documents of forms and checks you created through ACOM’s eForms and laser checks module as well as create PDF and standard ASCII files of SCS spool files. This can be set up to be transparent to the end user and converted automatically after processing. Documents are stored either on the IFS, QDLS or a physical file in a designated library. The documents can then be used for various purposes to include external emailing or posting to web, or importing into a content management solution... PDF’s can also be renamed a unique field pulled from the spool file for easy recognition. EZSplitter/400: An add-on module to the System i software, EZSplitter/400 allows SCS spool files to be split based on fields in the spool file to create new spool files or decollate or collate on those fields. The split spool files can be sent to other out-queues or to directories on the IFS. When used in conjunction with EZReporter/400, EZSplitter/400 can be used to pull indexed fields out of the spool file and passed to EZContentManager for storage in PDF format. EZReporter/400: An add-on to the System i software, EZReporter/400 is used in conjunction with EZSplitter/400 to convert spool files, with indices, to PDF, create an index file, and pass this to the IFS. From there EZContentManager can import the documents, pass the indices, and store them in the repository. EZFTP/400: As an add-on to EZPayManager/400, EZFTP/400 allows users to send their Positive Pay Files and ACH files directly to the bank’s secure FTP server with little user intervention. It can also be used to send spool files and physical files to other System i machines, to the IFS, or to a physical PC directory on a network server. EZConvert/400: An add-on to the System i software, EZConvert/400 enables conversion of standard SCS spool files to RTF, HTML, ASCII, CSV. Once converted, they can be placed on the IFS for retrieval. AFP files can be converted to PDF and TIFF using this utility.
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Written by Max Hetrick

Wednesday, 16 August 2006 17:00

Whatever else they do, all organizations are in the business of managing information. That information comes in various forms, including structured data (such as names and numbers in a database) and unstructured data (such as documents, presentations, videos, drawings, and graphs). Organizations have extensive experience in maintaining structured data, but managing and securing unstructured data while making it easily accessible to-and, more importantly, findable by the people who need it can be a challenge. ACOM's EZContentManager helps meet that challenge. It's sold as a standalone product or as an add-on to ACOM's EZPayManager/400 payment management application or its EZeDocs/400 document output management software.

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