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Barcode400 Featured


Barcode400 by TL Ashford is software used to design bar code labels. Labels can be printed to hundreds of thermal transfer and/or laser printers, or the labels can be generated as PDF documents. Labels can be generated interactively through the label printing applications or integrated into any IBM i ERP, WMS or in-house application. For all the details, click here.


Use the graphical interface to add text, bar codes, graphics, lines and boxes to the label format. It’s easy to access files and data from the IBM i. Barcode400 also can create prompts for users to key in data at print time, use system date and time, and can even create incrementing numbers. Label formats are stored on the IBM i giving you the Reliability, Security and peace of mind of the IBM i.


Barcode400 offers many options to either print or generate your labels as PDF documents - from simple and interactive to completely automated. Use the Interactive Label Print feature to easily print labels from your desktop using IBM i file data. Create menus, print in batch mode (i.e. a label for every record in a file), or integrate into your existing IBM i application programs for label printing that is completely automated. Barcode400 has been integrated with virtually every IBM i-based ERP and WMS system as well as hundreds, maybe thousands, of in-house applications.


The experienced TL Ashford technical support team will assist you with connecting your printers to the IBM i, designing labels, integrating with your applications and provide to you pre-designed label templates to make you as productive as possible!

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