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WebSmart ILE and PHP


WebSmart is a multi-award winning IBM i rapid web application development tool that you can use to build powerful and secure desktop or mobile web applications. WebSmart’s templates give programmers the jumpstart they need and the IDE gives them the flexibility to create any type of web app.


WebSmart comes in two editions:


  • ILE, for creating IBM i-centric RPG web applications that access DB2400, MS SQL and MySql databases. The apps run in the free IBM HTTP Server (powered by Apache).

  • PHP, for creating open-source PHP applications that run on multiple platforms - IBM i, Windows, Linux or Unix - and access databases such as DB2/400, MySQL and others.


WebSmart ILE and PHP features that accelerate web application development:


  • Intelligent templates that generate the initial HTML, CSS and RPG or PHP, and guide you through creating desktop and mobile web apps that have a modern look and feel.

  • Access DB2, MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle databases.
  • Complete IDE with HTML tools, separation of the HTML from the business logic, code prompting and interactive debugger.
  • Wizards to call back-end RPG or COBOL programs.
  • Support for modern technologies including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, Web Services and encryption.
  • IBM i PHP extensions and support for both IBM i PHP toolkits to leverage existing RPG code and skills.
  • Built-in change management and integration with third-party change management.
  • Host apps on IBM i, Windows or Linux. PHP apps run on Zend Server if hosting on IBM i.

Optionally combine WebSmart ILE and PHP with BCD’s other award-winning IBM i modernization tools to build your own customized and integrated solution. Start with one, a couple of tools, or BCD’s complete modernization suite to meet your exact needs. When you select tools that communicate together, and deal with one vendor who assures seamless support, you’re making a smart choice.

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