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Catapult is an award-winning automated report and document distribution tool that reliably delivers spool files and PC files to people in the format they want. Send invoices, purchase orders and other reports electronically to reduce printing and mailing costs, improve billing processes, eliminate the re-keying of data and streamline document storage and retrieval. 


Use Catapult to:

  • Deliver reports via email, print or fax and archive to network drives or a web portal.
  • Convert spool files to PDF, RTF, HTML, TXT or XLS.
  • Send full reports or only the relevant sections using intelligent distribution and parsing.  
  • Add form overlay images, and compress and encrypt PDFs.
  • Provide instant, secure web access to information by auto-filing and auto-indexing documents and reports to the optional license-free (maintenance only) Nexus Portal.


Optionally combine Clover with BCD’s other award-winning IBM i modernization tools to build your own customized and integrated solution. Start with one, a couple of tools, or BCD’s complete modernization suite to meet your exact needs. When you select tools that communicate together, and deal with one vendor who assures seamless support, you’re making a smart choice.


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