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Nexus Portal


Nexus Portal is BCD’s license FREE (only maintenance is billed) IBM i-hosted web portal solution that gives employees, vendors and/or customers secure, organized web access to enterprise information. It increases end user and IT staff productivity and improves information sharing by providing a centralized framework for users to access multiple sources of information.


Use Nexus to provide access to:

  • Documents and other enterprise information
  • Executive dashboards
  • Web applications and web pages
  • Spool file viewer with PDF creation
  • 5250 web-based emulator


Nexus offers secure, menu-based access to all BCD ClearPath Modernization Suite components:

  • WebSmart PHP and RPG web applications
  • Presto web-enabled 5250 green screens
  • Clover Query web reports and dashboards
  • Catapult distributed documents and reports


Optionally combine Nexus with BCD’s other award-winning IBM i modernization tools to build your own customized and integrated solution. Start with one, a couple of tools, or BCD’s complete modernization suite to meet your exact needs. When you select tools that communicate together, and deal with one vendor who assures seamless support, you’re making a smart choice.

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Written by Joel Klebanoff

Sunday, 23 January 2005 17:00

If you ask iSeries professionals to name Web development and deployment software that starts with "Web," WebSmart is usually not the first name that comes to mind, which is surprising because Business Computer Design (BCD), WebSmart's vendor, has a major presence in the iSeries market. This article examines WebSmart and the company's two other Web development and deployment products, Nexus Portal and RPG/DDS to Web Conversion Tool (RDW).

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