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Clover Query


Clover Query is a business intelligence tool that allows unlimited end users and developers to create real-time web-based reports, graphs (bar, line, pie and gauge), spreadsheets and drill downs that access data on the IBM i and other platforms. Clover enhances decision making by providing real-time data that shows an accurate picture of your organization’s performance. 


Clover features:

  • Report templates that create professional-looking web reports, graphs (bar, line, pie and gauge), spreadsheets and drill downs in minutes.
  • Access DB2, MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle databases.
  • Access reports from browsers on PCs, tablets and smartphones. No other PC software required.
  • Flexible Windows-based IDE with full web development capabilities to meet your most sophisticated reporting needs, including dynamic library lists, prompts and change management.
  • Import Query/400 queries.


Optionally combine Clover with BCD’s other award-winning IBM i modernization tools to build your own customized and integrated solution. Start with one, a couple of tools, or BCD’s complete modernization suite to meet your exact needs. When you select tools that communicate together, and deal with one vendor who assures seamless support, you’re making a smart choice.

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