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Monarch for EZ-Pickin’s is a Windows-based report mining and analytics tool that empowers business users to efficiently get the information they need. Users can easily extract, analyze, graph and summarize data from virtually any other computer-generated report, including IBM i. This is all accomplished with minimal help from the IT department and no re-keying or programming.


EZ-Pickin’s features:

  • Extract data from virtually any computer-generated report including spool files, PDF, text and database files (DB2, SQL Server, etc.).
  • Integrates with BCD's Catapult and Spool-Explorer to transform spool files into spreadsheets and distribute them electronically.
  • Create customer views and report summaries with totals, calculated fields, drill downs and more.
  • Eliminate re-keying of data by exporting to Excel, PDF, XML, Access, MS Word and more.
  • Create reusable templates that sort and filter data into live interactive views.
  • Perform your own custom trend, crosstab and top x analysis.
  • See the big picture by visualizing data with colorful charts (pie, bar, etc.) and by viewing multiple charts in a grid.

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