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Written by Manta Technologies, Inc.   
Monday, 25 February 2013 10:18

Manta Student Reference Guides (SRGs) are now available in PDF format at no additional charge.


Here's the back story. When Manta introduced online courses to the IBM i community, we felt there was no need for the traditional course handout. After all, students could easily look up any topic in the original course at their PCs. However, two groups of customers insisted on handouts:

  • Some students wanted a desk reference they could consult when they had finished their studies and were back on the job.
  • Other students consider printed handouts to be an integral part of their learning experience. As one student commented, "I don't learn anything until I can highlight it with a yellow marker."


In response to such feedback, Manta has offered optional printed Student Reference Guides (SRGs) for all series and stand-alone courses since the late 90s. 26 volumes are now available.


We find that most students now prefer reference materials in PDF format that can be stored on their PCs and tablet computers. Using a variety of freely available PDF readers, students can add notes as they would with a printed SRG.


Downloading the SRG for a series or stand-alone course takes only a few seconds. When students start a Manta course, they receive a custom menu showing the series and courses to which they have access. Next to each title is an icon that can be clicked to download the corresponding Student Reference Guide. The SRG is placed in a separate window from where it can be saved or printed.


There is no charge for the downloaded SRGs. Printed versions will remain available for purchase until the existing inventory is sold.


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Manta is the premier company in the IBM i training and education business. This year, Manta celebrates its 17th year in business. During that time, it has trained tens of thousands of IBM i students in over 5,000 organizations around the world. It's customer list includes organizations of all sizes, from major companies (including IBM) down to one-person consulting organizations. If you need IBM i training, Manta is the first vendor most often recommended. Because you want quality training for less. Manta's consistently low price has always been a major attraction. For example, a typical company can train its entire IT organization for less than the price of sending a couple of operators to a class. (See "Total Cost Comparision" for a detailed analysis.)

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