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Tuesday, 22 September 2009 14:38

Written by IBM i Manifest PR Team 

The IBM i Manifest initiative that started in Japan earlier this year has come to the United States. With the launch of the IBM i Manifest U.S. Web site ( earlier this month, the initiative has made its official call for participation here in North America. The initiative is made up of IBM i users, customers, resellers and ISVs who have come together to revitalize the IBM i marketplace.

When the original IBM i Manifest members in Japan made their declaration to commit to the continued support and marketing of the IBM i, little did they know that their efforts would rapidly span the globe. Their objectives to revitalize and expand the market were announced in a full page ad that they placed in one of the most widely distributed newspapers in Japan, the Nikkei. The IBM i community in Europe was quick to join in the cause. Led by Martin Fincham, general manager of LANSA EMEA, the European IBM i Manifest initiative issued a call for participation in July (see With the initiative in Europe picking up momentum, people started asking why the U.S. wasn’t joining in. 

In answer to that question, Jeff Olen, co-founder and chief operating officer at Olen Business Consulting, Inc., agreed to spearhead the call for participation here in North America. Olen had this to say when asked about his involvement with the initiative: “Thus far we have launched the U.S. Web site, made the call for participation and reached out to the media to spread the word. The initial response from the community has been very positive. With the initiatives in Japan and Europe already underway, it will be very interesting to see what we can all do.” 

Getting involved is as simple as joining the iManifest United States group at There you can interact with the other members and learn more about the initiative. To become an actual member of the IBM i Manifest initiative requires a bit more commitment. The call for participation is currently open to all individuals and companies willing to commit seed capital to the initiative. The commitment of seed capital is dependent on the size of the organization as shown below: 

  • Tier 1 company $30 million or more annual revenues
  • Minimum seed capital: $12,000
  • Minimum number of companies needed: 4 
  • Tier 2 company–from $2 million–$29 million annual revenues
  • Minimum seed capital: $6,000
  • Minimum number of companies needed: 8 
  • Tier 3 company–under $2 million annual revenues
  • Minimum seed capital: $1,500
  • Minimum number of companies needed: 34

If you are an IBM i customer, reseller, or ISV—and you want to be a part of the future of IBM i—then heed the call and join the revolution.

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