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How to Evaluate a Labeling Solution for the System i

There are different approaches to integrating labeling and RFID tags with your System i database, and some are easier to manage than others.

tom_stockwellWritten by Thomas M. Stockwell

Editor's Note: This article is an extraction of the white paper "Bar Code/RFID Label Printing, Avoiding the Integration Traps," which is available free from the MC Press White Paper Center.


Automated Data Collection (ADC) technologies that use bar code and radio frequency identification (RFID) labels have revolutionized how our products are packaged and transported through our supply chains. Bar code labels are now so common on products that they are considered to be the status quo for identifying and routing packages in transit. RFID tag technologies are also making tremendous headway in managing inventory at receiving docks and warehouses for many of the largest retail and government supply chains. How can we assure that these systems give us the best return on investment?

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Voice Integrations on IBM i: Simple Ways to Automate and Improve Telephone Interactions

Increase your company's bottom line while enhancing service and increasing your competitive profile.

rich_ollariWritten by Rich Ollari

Editor's Note: This article introduces two free resources available to you:

  • "Converging Voice and Business Applications: A Practical Approach," a white paper available from the MC Press White Paper Center  
  • "Smart Voice Integrations on IBM i: How to Innovate, Empower Users and Cut Costs," an accompanying Webinar from the MC Press Webcast Center

Recent technological advances in "voice integration" are enabling small and medium-sized organizations to increase service levels while dramatically decreasing costs.

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Technology Focus: CRM Is Putting the "Custom" Back in Customer Relationships

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications bring multiple aspects of the buyer and seller exchange together.

john_gristWritten by John Ghrist

A survey of top business executives conducted in 2008 jointly by Gartner and Forbes Insights identified "high-quality customer care" as the leading corporate attribute "most key to sustaining long-term growth in a recession." Ranking not too far behind that attribute in the same survey was having good "customer or market intelligence."


Assuming these findings are still true in 2009, it follows that software applications designed to help meet those needs have high importance. This creates a new emphasis on a need for CRM applications.

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Recession-proof Strategies for Improving Supply Chain Efficiencies

Surviving through a tough market requires customers and suppliers to break down their silos to effectively work together and share data and knowledge.

david_braultWritten by David Brault

Editor's Note: This article contains excerpts from "Supply Chain Synchronization: Recession-proof Strategies for Improving Efficiencies," a free white paper that you can download from the MC White Paper Center.


Whether you're a supplier, distributor, manufacturer, or retailer, the supply chain is the "lifeblood" of your organization. Like the circulatory system of the human body, the supply chain plays a vital role in the overall health of your business. If your company is starting to feel a tingling sensation in the left arm of your supply chain, then information bottlenecks and manual procedures are most likely blocking the main arteries of your supply chain network.

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Put Your IBM i to Work in the Front Office as Well as the Back

With Infor's New CRM i Edition, users can have an integrated view of both customer and financial data, all from a Web browser.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

While it seems that doubt about the IBM i platform permeates every conversation regarding the future of the IBM midrange platform, there is one company that continues to believe in the platform from both a technical as well as a business standpoint, and I'm not referring to IBM.

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Free CRM Solutions Can Brighten Up a Recession

With budgets tight, anything free that can materially improve business efficiency is a sure winner.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

The economy is pressuring people in odd ways and seems to be making some people more self-centered. So when you run across a business person who takes the opposite tack and makes a deliberate gesture of generosity--whether or not it costs them anything--you take note and smile and perhaps listen to what they have to say. I received such a gesture in an email today in the form of someone who was recommending to his clients that they try a free CRM solution for which he provided the link.

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Voice-Mail Hell Is Only Part of the Customer Service Problem

Companies need to look at their processes to really improve the customer experience.

daniel_kuperman.jpgBy Daniel Kuperman

Editor's note: This article is an excerpt from the free white paper "Paperless Customer Service: Streamlining the Customer Service Process," which is available at the MC White Paper Center.


If you have never experienced the frustration of spending seemingly endless minutes waiting for a human voice to answer your call about your credit card bill, cable TV service, newspaper or magazine subscription, or recent online purchase, odds are you have been living in a cave these past few years.

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A Roadmap to CRM Implementation and Management

CRM can improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and boost profitability, but it doesn't just happen. Read about some of the requirements for CRM success.

joel_klebanoff.jpgBy Joel Klebanoff

In the final analysis, it all comes down to sales. Companies can devote considerable time and effort to realizing cost reductions, quality improvements, and other objectives, but without sales, those undertakings can't generate profits. Simply put, all other things being equal, the more products and services a company sells and the more it charges for them, the greater the profit will be. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can help to achieve profit goals by improving customer satisfaction, optimizing interactions with customers, and ensuring that no sales opportunity is left behind.

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