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3Com Corporation

350 Campus Drive, Marlborough, MA, USA, 01752-3064

3Com Corporation is a $1.3 billion global enterprise networking solutions provider that sets a new price/ performance standard for customers. 3Com has three global brands—H3C, 3Com, and TippingPoint—that offer high-performance networking and security solutions to enterprises large and small. The H3C® enterprise networking portfolio—a market leader in China—includes products that span from the data center to the edge of the network, while TippingPoint® network-based intrusion prevention systems and network access control solutions deliver in-depth, no-compromise application, infrastructure and performance protection.

At 3Com we don’t believe enterprises should have to compromise on the performance and functionality of their networking purchases because of IT budget constraints. We offer a broad, fresh portfolio of products and solutions that disrupt the industry status quo and deliver true “no-compromise” networking. Enterprise networking is 3Com’s sole business.

3Com has been a major contributor to the development of enterprise networking since the invention of Ethernet in the 1970s by 3Com’s founder. Based in Massachusetts, U.S.A., 3Com prides itself on its continuing commitment to innovation. The company leverages more than 2,300 world-class engineers to develop industry-leading networking solutions. 3Com has more than 1,400 U.S. and nearly 180 Chinese issued patents, more than 1,050 pending Chinese applications as well as pending applications for 35 separate inventions outside of China that cover a wide range of networking technologies.

H3C Enterprise Products and Solutions

In today’s enterprises, IT departments are challenged to do more with less. They need to consolidate their resources to enhance return on investment and reduce system management and administrative expenses to drive down the total cost of ownership. To achieve these business goals, they must have the right tools and the flexibility provided by standards-based, interoperable systems, rather than the rigid limitations of high-cost proprietary technology. That’s why more networking professionals are turning to 3Com’s innovative, intelligent and costeffective H3C enterprise networking solutions.

We designed our H3C portfolio with a future-ready architecture built on the industry’s latest technology. By using merchant silicon instead of custom ASICs, the H3C solutions contain the most modern and low-power chipsets available. Extensive use of open standards means 3Com customers have a platform that is easily extended as future innovations become available. Careful attention to a low power consumption model means customers not only can take advantage of the capital cost savings inherent in the H3C portfolio, but also in power cost savings. This lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by design delivers an average 33 percent reduction in capex, deployment, management and support costs.

The H3C portfolio serves networking needs from the network edge to the data center with switches, routers, wireless, security and management solutions. A highly skilled direct-touch sales team, working closely with authorized H3C partners, brings the clear business benefits of H3C solutions to our customers.

TippingPoint Enterprise Security

3Com’s TippingPoint intrusion preventions systems are the recognized leaders in network security, delivering in-depth application, infrastructure and performance protection. The TippingPoint IPS safeguards even the network’s most active mobile useers, stopping viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware before they can disrupt business and drive up costs. Unlike legacy methods of security detection that let the first incident happen, the IPS identifies, prevents or quarantines the problem before it infects the rest of the network—all in real time. This next-generation approach provides unmatched networkbased security with unrivaled cost-effectiveness and ultra-high reliability, performance and scalability. 3Com is constantly integrating new security features and functionality into the network infrastructure to enable customers to remain protected from emerging threats.

3Com Solutions for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises

3Com has long served the unique networking needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) with a complete portfolio of switches, routers, wireless, security, network management and IP telephony products. Like the H3C portfolio for larger enterprises, the 3Com® SME products deliver outstanding price/performance advantages. Whether an organization has 5 or 500 people, 3Com has the data- and voice-networking products to deliver the connectivity, reliability and security needed to achieve their business objectives. 3Com works with the industry’s best channel partners to bring the benefits of its SME portfolio to organizations around the world.

Worldwide Customer Service and Support

Great products deserve great support. 3Com’s Global Services team consists of highly skilled, experienced service engineers who are adept at integrating data, security and voice solutions across multi-vendor networks. 3Com Global Services provides a single point of accountability for outstanding service performance and quality.


Corporate Headquarters: Marlborough, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Asia/Pacific Center of Operations: Singapore

European Center of Operations: Hemel Hempstead, UK

China Center of Operations: Hangzhou, China

Latin America Center of Operations: Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

TippingPoint Center of Operations: Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

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