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ADEonics, Inc.

10120 Flamingo Rd.Number 4-52, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 89147

    ADEonics, Inc. (AI) develops and markets quality tools to Information Technology professionals using IBM iSeries computer systems. As we enhance and develop new products, we strive to maintain substantial cost saving solutions that address the current and future needs of our customer base. With thousands of programmers using our products world-wide, special emphasis is given to "reliability" and "ease of use".

    Although ADEonics is a new company name for us (we were formerly Strategic Information Solutions), our TOTAL/400 product is over 20 years old; and our key personnel have been involved with this and or other cross reference utilities for over 20 years.  As a result of this experience and proven track record, customers realize substantial benefits from our products designed especailly for iSeries programmers.

    With a growing number of business partners, ADEonics, Inc. welcomes inquiries from potential resellers regarding the distribution of our software.

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