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Surround Technologies, LLC

650 Bloomfield Ave., Suite 211, Bloomfield, NJ, USA, 7003

Surround Technologies creates Application Development Tools to let IBM i Developers attain maximum productivity and surrounds that with flexible Consulting services to help assure results.  Surround's Accelerator family of Development Tools are simply the most productive tools for Developers, building Windows and Web apps in record time with wizard-driven code generation and in a structured framework. All with superior productivity at the User's desktop, assured by built-in usability features. The result? Productivity that translates into Profitability.


The Accelerator line includes IBM i-centric development products that work with Visual LANSA, looksoftware, Visual Studio, .NET, Silverlight, and more. And Accelerator Business Objects and Services quickly and easily provides interoperability with business processes and data in a loosely-coupled, agile, service oriented architecture.


Surround's Envision Enterprise Solutions are modular applications that can be used standalone or plugged into your applications and further customized.  Robust, tested and pre-packaged Envision solutions speed your development with turn-key functionality for Contact Management, Zip Code Management and more.


And Surround's renowned Consultants are always there to help bridge the gaps, from minor training to extensive skill augmentation. Mentoring and knowledge transfer are key methods that make our services extraordinary, as we strive to make your team better. Either way, our focus is on complementing what you have to help you get to where you want to be.


Surround is Software at the Speed of Business.  More at

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