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Vision Solutions, Inc.

15300 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA, USA, 92618
801-799-0300 or 800-957-4511
Vision Solutions, Inc.
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Vision Solutions, Inc. is the leading global provider of high availability, disaster recovery and system management solutions for IBM i (i5/OS) and AIX environments running on IBM Power Systems®, and Windows and Linux environments. With a portfolio that spans the industry’s most innovative and trusted data resiliency and recovery brands, Vision’s iTERA™, MIMIX® and Double-Take™ Solutions keep business-critical information continuously protected and available. With an emphasis on affordability and ease of use, Vision products help to ensure business continuity, increased productivity, reduced operating costs and satisfied compliance requirements. 

Vision also offers advanced cluster management, systems management and data management solutions, and provides support for IBM i, AIX® and Windows® operating environments. As IBM’s largest Premier Business Partner for high availability solutions, Vision Solutions oversees a global network of business partners as well as services and certified support professionals to help our customers achieve their business continuity goals. Privately held by Thoma Bravo, LLC, Vision Solutions is headquartered in Irvine, California USA with offices worldwide.


Product Overview


Whether you need a better way migrate data and Windows, Linux or IBM servers, backup systems, recover on-demand, ensure the availability of critical systems or manage corporate desktops, Vision Solutions has simple, affordable solutions that are right for you.


Double-Take® Availability

  • Real-time replication, monitoring and failover
  • Supports any application running on Windows, Linux or AIX
  • Protects physical or virtual servers
  • Implement failover clusters without shared storage or geographic limitations
  • Uses existing hardware and network infrastructure
  • RightTime CDP™  provides any-point-in-time recovery
  • TimeView™  increases productivity with multi-use data replicas
  • Intellistart™  ensures easy installation and configuration
  • AutoGuard™  provides automatic alerts and self-correction



Double-Take® Move

  • Real-time replication
  • No downtime migrations
  • Hardware independent
  • Any combination of physical or virtual servers
  • RightTime CDP™  provides any-point-in-time recovery
  • TimeView™  increases productivity with multi-use data replicas
  • Intellistart™  ensures easy installation and configuration
  • AutoGuard™  provides automatic alerts and self-correction



Double-Take® RecoverNow

  • Continuous full-server backup
  • Hardware-independent
  • On-demand restoration to dissimilar hardware or virtual servers
  • Any-point-in-time recovery
  • Pre-flight check ensures migrations go smoothly
  • Automatic alerts and self-correction
  • Back up branch office data from a central location in real-time to disk
  • WAN-friendly; ideal for remote office and branch office backup scenarios


Double-Take® Share

  • Real-time data sharing between any application, regardless of format or OS 
  • Fast setup, easy management; over 60 pre-built click-and-go data transformation functions
  • Recognizes and resolves conflicts for same-time updates
  • Audit journal mapping captures of table updates
  • Share legacy data with new applications
  • Deploy eBusiness and web portal applications using a central ERP


Double-Take® Flex

  • Reduces the time and expense of desktop management
  • Increases control over permissions, peripheral settings, and security settings
  • Creates a virtual desktop infrastructure so desktop images can easily be centralized. RES PowerFuse add-on allows users to retain individual workspace regardless of where they log in
  • Enables existing Ethernet NICs on blades to perform diskless boot from iSCSI
  • Servers can be deployed, provisioned and re-provisioned quickly
  • Servers gain instant flexibility by separating the operating system and data from the hardware.
  • Turns any Windows® server into an iSCSI SAN
  • Rapidly launch and provision virtual and physical servers and desktops for recovery, migration or backup 


Double-Take® Cloud

  • Create disaster recovery solutions through the Double-Take Cloud Recovery Amazon Machine Image (AMI) (available through without having to own or configure a disaster recovery site
  • Protect and recover servers using on-line cloud-based resources, rented in the sizes and for the time required


MIMIX® Availability

  • High availability and continuous data protection for IBM i®
  • IntelliStartplans, configures, deploys, monitors and manages itself
  • AutoGuard™  automatically eliminates issues that can affect HA integrity
  • Dynamic Apply™  intelligently determines whether to use multi- or direct apply process
  • CDP™  allows you to quickly and easily  recover data from any point in time
  • MIMIX Switch Assistant™   allows you to perform fast, easy switches


MIMX® Move

  • Eliminates downtime during IBM I or AIX server updates and migrations
  • Mirrors all data, profiles, authorities, data areas and queues, IFS files, programs, spool files and all objects needed for Power Systems upgrade or migration
  • Validate the new system while users work normally on the old one
  • Switch when you’re ready


MIMIX® RecoverNow

  • Flexible, comprehensive data protection and recovery for IBM i servers
  • Recover one or many files, objects or libraries
  • Powerful CDP rewind capabilities recover damaged or deleted data at any point in time
  • Use disk space you already have to store backup data, including IBM i, AIX, Windows, Linux®, HP/UX or other UNIX® storage devices

MIMIX® Director

  • Mission control for IBM i servers; a highly integrated set of applications proactively monitor, manage and optimize IBM i servers, databases and application environments
  • Reduces storage as much as 40% immediately and more over time
  • Accelerates application performance for more agile, responsive environments
  • Automates maintenance tasks


iTERA Availability

  • Automatic, full-feature, affordable, high-availability solution for IBM servers
  • Run tape backup on a secondary server to eliminate impact on operations
  • Replicates all critical data and applications on production servers
  • Auto-discovers and corrects data integrity problems at record level in real time



  • Enterprise-strength data and application availability for transaction-heavy, multi-system, multi-CPU and clustered IBM i environments
  • Robust role-swap capabilities
  • Remote or local journaling
  • Enables flexible replication topologies
  • Supports advanced technologies such as MQ series, three-tiered applications and clustering


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byJallen, April 2, 2009
Thank you so much

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