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Storagepipe Solutions Inc.

95 St. Clair Avenue West, Suite 1403, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4V 1N6

Over 11 Years Of Data Protection For IBM Systems

Storagepipe has been providing serious online backup solutions for business since 2001. As an IBM business partner, Storagepipe originally built its servicing business AS/400, iSeries, AIX, Linux and other IBM systems.

Since then, Storagepipe's has expanded its service offerings to offer a complete portfolio of data protection services for businesses.

All of your systems, from travelling laptops to complex multi-platform and multi-application enterprise environments, can be securely protected using fully-automated online backup, archiving and high-availability services.

Despite their broad success, Storagepipe still remains a favorite amongst IBM users. Power Systems users love Storagepipe’s training, dependability, expertise and years of experience with IBM systems.

And best of all, Storagepipe’s customers enjoy the comfort and convenience of knowing that they can protect their entire datacenter and IT infrastructure through a single dependable, knowledgeable provider.

Contact Storagepipe today and see how our solutions can simplify the management, maintenance and protection of your IBM servers.       


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