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Gregory L. Seelenbinder and Associates’ (GLSA)

3482 Trenton Road, Columbus, OH, USA, 43232
Since our inception in 1978, Gregory L. Seelenbinder and Associates’ (GLSA) goal has been to develop claims payment software in conjunction with third party administrators (TPAs) and employers across the country to meet their specific needs. The resulting software is "soft coded" as much as possible, allowing these users to make parameter changes that don’t require the services of a programming staff. The development of software is always dynamic—taking advantage of new technologies as they become available. Our product started as a simple claims payment system that cut checks. We have constantly enhanced our product, making it a sophisticated automated claims payment system that maximizes claims throughput while minimizing the claims examiner workforce. Our future is dependent upon the success of our clients. We listen carefully to their concerns and make changes to our software that will help them stay one step ahead of their competition. We encourage all of our clients to participate in our user conferences, where they can vote on the enhancements that are added to our software. The user conferences give clients, tips on how to process more claims with less people, by taking advantage of all the automation available through the CAPS/2020® software package.

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