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NeoScale Systems, Inc.

1655 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA, USA, 95035-7415
888.636.2797 / 408.473.1300
NeoScale Systems, Inc. is the independent leader of storage security, providing transparent, wire-speed protection of storage data regardless of application, transport, media type, or location. The company’s award-winning CryptoStor® appliances automate the encryption of data that is either in-flight over a storage network or at-rest on disk, virtual tape, or tape media. With its unique, three-tiered approach to global key management, NeoScale enables organizations to securely automate the recovery of information from primary or secondary storage. Because NeoScale appliances are purpose-built to meet the unique requirements of storage applications, customers can deploy a storage security solution with minimal operational complexity and impact at the lowest cost.

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