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CryptoStor Tape

The new CryptoStor Tape software suite supports high-performance LTO-3-based tape systems, including EML E-Series tape libraries and the HP Ultrium 960 (LTO-3) drives. Complete HP Enterprise Backup Solutions (EBS) using CryptoStor Tape with HP OpenView Storage Data Protector or Symantec NetBackup have been tested and documented in solution white papers available from HP ( Users of LTO-3 tape now benefit from reduced backup and recovery windows as a result of CryptoStor Tape’s increased throughput capabilities. Also part of the new software suite is persistent binding of drives to applications, greatly simplifying usability by ensuring tape drives maintain a consistent presence to the backup server. Serviceability is improved as well, providing users additional diagnostic capabilities, such as the new CryptoStor Trace Tool.

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