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IBM i Modernization


Surround Technologies offers Development Tools and Services to undertake Modernization projects in a particularly fulfilling manner. Companies can migrate aging 5250 green screen applications in a very simple refacing effort, placing the moderately transformed app into a Windows application or Web Browser. Optionally, it can be further integrated into a more complex application by pulling in additional applications, web services and more to create expanded functionality in a Repurposing effort. Finally, the legacy application can be the underpinning for a complete Application Rewrite, even consuming 5250 apps as a web service.

Most significantly, the beauty of this approach is that, by smartly leveraging available technologies, all this can be done with never wasting any effort on temporary band-aided, throw-away development. You leverage each piece as you transform and evolve your 5250 to fully modernized systems. It's unmatched as an approach. Surround utilizes our own proprietary tools in combination, as the conditions warrant, with best-of-breed tools from looksoftware, LANSA, and new Microsoft .NET technologies like Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight. More at

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