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Accelerator for .NET


Accelerator for .NET extends all the power and benefits of Accelerator to the Microsoft .NET development environment. A base set of functionality, core structured architecture and wizard-driven code generation opens up a new world of possibilities for .NET Developers.

Windows Presentation Foundation, or WPF, is Microsoft's new platform for developing feature rich Windows desktop front ends. With complex images, 3D graphics, video and audio, WPF delivers visually stunning interfaces with new levels of User productivity. And Silverlight brings the same rich user experience to web applications. Silverlight offers cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross-device compatibility to simplify your development efforts .

WPF for Rich Windows Clients and Silverlight for Reach Web Clients, deliver the most productive user experience available today for their respective users. Developers should not pick one, they should develop for both. With a complete core presentation layer and system generation for both WPF and Silverlight, Surround delivers on the "Better Together" mantra providing both Windows (Rich) and Web (Reach) Solutions. Now you can let your users choose.

Accelerator for .NET is the fastest and easiest way to bring these advanced user experiences to your IBM i Systems. Enrich your development with web services, multithreaded performance, advanced web technologies, platform independence and more. And Accelerator for .NET integrates with Accelerator for Visual LANSA, bridging a whole new world of options to Visual LANSA developers. And, of course, Accelerator for .NET seamlessly integrates with the full Accelerator Development Solutions line from Surround, like Accelerator Business Objects and Service (BOS). All while retaining the value of your System i and LANSA development.

That's what we call Software at the Speed of Business.  More at

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