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Alliance AES Encryption

Alliance AES Encryption

Alliance AES Encryption/400 for the Enterprise


Enables Transparent Encryption for IBM V7R1


Integrates with the new column level API available in V7R1 called FIELDPROC or “Field Procedure” to provide automatic field and column level encryption. Administrators can perform "Automatic Encryption" and implement database encryption on the IBM i platform without making source code changes or altering applications, it is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to encrypt database files on the IBM i.


NIST Certified and Guaranteed

Strong encryption for databases, unstructured data, reports, and off-line storage. Alliance AES supports all enterprise platforms including; Windows, Linux, Unix, IBM System z and IBM Power Systems i .


Strong encryption optimized for performance

Encrypt 10 Million credit card numbers in less than 7 seconds with Alliance AES optimized encryption. Performance is 94 times faster than the competition.


Regulatory compliance

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) has been adopted as a standard by the US government and many state and local agencies. AES is the recommended encryption method for PCI, HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA and individual state privacy regulations.


Cross platform integration

Your data security application must provide the ability to encrypt on one platform and decrypt on a different platform to prevent data loss. Incompatible encryption APIs on each platform results in exposing data to loss as they decrypt, transfer, and then re-encrypt. Alliance provides compatible encryption support for Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM System i and IBM System z platforms.


Developer support saves time on projects

Alliance AES provides a number of resources to developers to make it easy to deploy data security solutions. Extensive document of the encryption APIs and developer guidelines will help shorten the development and deployment time for a project.


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