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Maxava HA Enterprise+ Featured

Maxava HA Enterprise+

Maxava HA Enterprise+ offers comprehensive High Availability and Disaster Recovery readiness for an IBM i application. Designed for complex environments and organizations serious about their business continuity.


Real-time data replication and unlimited concurrent apply processes means no backlog of changes in a disaster and the ability to do a recovery in minutes. Advanced features including maxView Manager, provide enhanced control and visibility over your environment – wherever you are.


  • Remote role swap capability – The new maxView Manager tool enables remote monitoring, management and the ability to perform a role swap on command from a mobile device by utilizing our powerful and proprietary Command Scripting functionality remotely. So in the event of a failure, activating a switch to the back-up server is within your control.
  • Replication across QDLS, data, objects, IFS, and MQ Series.
  • Command Scripting Function – This flexible, smart and simple free format command scripting tool supports all native IBM i commands. Object list sets can be defined and run from a single command - no compiling required. So whether for a migration, one-off event, application specific, role swap or other activities, the scripting function provides simple management with logging and error handling capabilities.
  • Easy administration of the HA solution from a green screen, superior GUI or from a remote web ready device such as a PC or smartphone.
  • Flexibility and functionality - Maxava HA Enterprise+ is fully spec’d with an extensive range of functionality that includes enhanced auditing, autonomics, spool file replication, extensive configuration and management tools – yet still runs extremely quickly and efficiently.

Visit our website at or for contact information click here

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