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Maxava HA SMB Featured

Maxava HA SMB

Maxava HA SMB provides cost effective High Availability to protect your IBM I business critical applications, data, objects and IFS.  It incorporates advanced autonomics, enhanced auditing and user administration tools.


Maxava HA SMB facilitates the replication of data, objects and IFS between ASP’s and L’PAR’s on either single or multiple IBM i environments.  Data Areas, Data Queues, User Profiles and Dynamic Database Changes can be replicated quickly and effectively with no disruption to your ongoing operation.


With Maxava HA SMB, a wide range of functionality is available to enhance your control and management of your IBM I environment.  And if your HA/DR needs change, the migration from Maxava HA SMB to Maxava HA Enterprise is very straight forward.


Visit our website at or for contact information click here

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