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maxView Featured

maxView" target="_blank">">maxView delivers a smart and easy way to monitor your IBM i systems – anywhere, anytime.  Use your iPhone, Blackberry or Android to instantly see your system status.  maxView" target="_blank">">maxView Lite is a FREE version of maxView that can be downloaded and used by anyone with an IBM i - even if you don’t run a Maxava HA product!  It gives you the ability to easily monitor your IBM i general system statistics in real-time via a browser based interface.  maxView" target="_blank">">maxView Monitor is complimentary with Maxava" target="_blank">">Maxava HA Enterprise, delivering a smart way to monitor your Maxava HA Enterprise environment and allowing you to easily check and report on both HA readiness and key IBM i system resources. Visit our website at" target="_blank">"> or for contact information click" target="_blank">">click here
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