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SpoolFlex Electronic Report Conversion, Distribution and Archiving Featured

SpoolFlex Electronic Report Conversion, Distribution and Archiving

SpoolFlex report conversion and distribution software automatically converts IBM i, iSeries and AS/400 reports to electronic formats and puts those reports into users hands instantly.



  • Convert spool files to as PDF, CSV, RTF, HTML, TXT, XML, or Excel Spreadsheets
  • Deliver reports with automated e-mailing directly from your IBM System to the people who need them, without additional hardware
  • Archive copies to your network; search, view and re-send original reports without having to re-run them again!
  • Intelligently sort, split, and combine reports based on variable data on the spooled page, dynamically naming and routing to multiple users
  • All native RPG software, SpoolFlex requires no additional hardware or custom programming
  • 100% Native IBM i Solution Compatible with Current IBM Operating Systems


SpoolFlex automates report distribution, getting data where it’s needed in the blink of an eye, without breaking the bank. For a closer look at SpoolFlex, view one of our online recordings, schedule an online demonstration, or request a free trial.



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