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FormFlex Electronic Forms and Secure MICR Laser Checks Featured

FormFlex Electronic Forms and Secure MICR Laser Checks

FormFlex replaces expensive pre-printed business forms and checks with professional-looking electronic laser forms.


FormFlex native iSeries software lets you print forms and checks on standard HP-compatible laser printers using plain cut sheet paper with logos, lines, boxes, even password protected signatures printing in a single pass.


  • Create Forms & Checks that Print to Inexpensive Network Laser Printers
  • PDF Output Integrates with E-mail, E-fax and Archiving
  • Replace Obsolete Forms Solutions No Longer Supported or Moving to Windows Platform
  • Replace IPDS / AFP Solutions with Easier to User that Prints to HP Compatible Printers
  • No PC hardware or custom programming is required.
  • 100% Native IBM i Solution Compatible with Current IBM Operating Systems

Every organization exchanges documents with their business partners. In addition to the cost savings provided by automated electronic distribution and paperless electronic filing, FormFlex projects the professional image your company deserves. For a closer look at FormFlex, view one of our online recordings, or schedule an online demonstration




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